Hi there, nice to meet you!

Virus Light and Sound: on the surface, it’s a pretty self-explanatory name, one that requires little clarification. And if we simply hired out equipment, perhaps we could leave it at that. But the whole reason we got into the business of bringing sound and music to people’s events is because we like you guys. Call us corny but we do.

We like making your momentous occasions awesome. And so it seems only right that we tell you a little about ourselves.

Our roots

The concept for Virus Light and Sound fluttered into existence on a dance floor somewhere in the mid 2000’s and the business grew quite organically from there. We’ve never lost our love for the underground music scene and have spent many happy years working with nightclubs, at parties, raves, exclusive club events, warehouse gigs, tours, doofs and festivals.

During this time, the business continued to grow as we found (to put it simply) more cool, exciting stuff to make people happy. Our range of products expanded, we created packages, unearthed more talented DJs and, with this growth, became relevant to a whole new market.

How we’ve grown

Whether we’re trekking out into the bush to bring a festival dance floor to life, or providing audio-visual support for a corporate function, we value professionalism and genuine connections with our customers.

With this ethos guiding us, we expanded into new territory, helping create memorable moments at private, public and commercial events. We are proud to have been a part of numerous weddings, birthdays, romantic anniversaries, corporate work and Christmas parties, fashion shows, exhibitions, high school musicals and discos, concerts, yoga gatherings, sporting events and award nights. We've also delved into the small to medium 'corporate events' market, designing professional spaces for meetings, seminars, workshops and presentations. 

Why we’ve made this website

Our fundamental aim here is to create a platform to better engage with our customers and showcase our available services, packages and prices. We’ve made our hire inventory super easy to explore, and given you the ability to add items to your cart, customise your own packages and generate quotes by yourself or with our guidance and advice.

We have endeavoured to give you something beyond the average business website. With our event planning tools, we’ve combined cutting-edge technology with personalised service to ensure every new innovation can be tailored to your unique needs and wants. There’s some fancy stuff in there that we’re quite proud of but everything we’ve added has a practical purpose.

What we don’t do

We’ve told you plenty about what we do do, now here are a couple of things we don’t do:

We don't claim to be the biggest (although we are aiming to be the best). Making such claims would mean comparing ourselves to other companies which isn’t the approach we want to take. To us, every day is another opportunity to explore the possibilities of our industry. We're constantly learning, evolving and expanding so we can offer the right, cost-effective solutions and create unforgettable experiences for our customers.

We don’t gauge our success on profits (although we do like to keep the bank off our case and, you know, put food on the table). We gauge our success on the feedback we receive from our customers. This is the fuel for our fire:

“Always bringing the goods in lighting & sound production packages to our demanding standards & exceeding them.” – James Blac, Techno Tribe Productions

“Thank you guys for bringing the magic to our nights!” – Jesse Savill

“Quality” – Tristan Cornell

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Our philosophy is, if we’re doing what we love and making you guys happy, the rest will follow.

Hope you enjoy your visit and we can be of some service to you!

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